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Anti Static Ventilation Duct —Resistant to 80℃
As suction and transport hose ideal for:
◆ Widely used as ventilation duct in these working environment which are likely to
   create electrostatic such as tunnel, mine, basement, ship building or electric
   soldering and waste gas exhaust out
◆ Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust extraction, and air movement
◆ As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans and other air movement units
Product Description
As suction and transport hose ideal for:
◆ Widely used as ventilation duct in these working 
   environment which are likely to create electrostatic such as
   tunnel, mine, basement, ship building or electric soldering 
   and waste gas exhaust out
◆ Air conditioning and ventilation of fumes, light duty dust 
   extraction, and air movement
◆ As a flexible connection between grilles diffusers, fans and
   other air movement units
◆ Antistatic fabric suppresses electrostatic charges that 
   are created from air friction
◆ Flame retardant
◆ Kink proof
◆ Highly flexible
◆ Highly compressible and easy to carry
◆ Oil, Acid & Alkali Resistant
◆ Very small bending radius
◆ Polyester fabric coated with PVC is leakage resistant
Wall: High density antistatic fabric coated with flame 
retardant PVC
Spiral: Reinforced steel wire
Exterior spiral cover: PVC strip
Working temperature range:
-20℃ to +80℃

Technical Data