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This hose is ideally used for transmission of diesel, gasoline, lubricants and other mineral oils.
Fuel and Oil Delivery Hose
This hose is widely used in welding machine,architecture and lacquer factory.
PVC Welding Hose
This hose is widely used in high pressure washer,pneumatic tools and air compressors. It’s also used in  agriculture for spraying of pesticide,fertilizer solution or fungicide.
PVC High Pressure Spray Hose
This hose is widely used in pneumatic tools, air compressors,automated air line,rock drill, air supply,construction equipment and cleaning equipment etc.
Multi-Purpose PVC Air Hose-Shining Surface
This hose is designed to use for pneumatic tools, air compressors,rock drill, automated air line, air supply,cleaning equipment, construction equipment and so on.
Multi-Purpose PVC Air Hose-Matt Surface
This hose is widely used for garden watering, household cleaning and car washing in the parks,factories, families or community.
PVC Garden Hose
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