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Utigo Technology Ltd. was established in July 2009. Since our establishment, we have been committed to designing and manufacturing various kinds of high-quality rubber& plastic hoses and fiber hoses which are widely used in the fields of industry, agriculture, food and medical treatment etc.
Our company is located in Shenzhen which is the frontier city of China's reform and opening up. Our factory covers an area of 3000 square meters, we now own 15 extrusion production lines, 2 heat-sealing production lines for the PVC fiber hose, 4 production lines for the silicone hose. Our monthly production capacity of rubber & plastic hose reaches 500 tons, the monthly production capacity of PVC fiber hose reaches 60,000 meters, and the monthly production capacity of silicone hose reaches 30,000 meters, in addition, our monthly production capacity of synthetic material hose reaches 50,000 meters.
In 1950, the Swiss invented the world's first piece of plastic hose which was made of LDPE. In the past 100 years, after continuous development, thousands of hoses have been developed all over the world. As the application of hoses becomes more and more extensive, the hose types are becoming more and more diverse.
The material delivery hoses are always an extremely critical moving part in modern industrial equipment.
A high-quality hose is the core foundation for the smooth operation of a conveying equipment!
According to the shape of the conveyed material, it can be divided into three categories: gas conveying, liquid conveying, and solid conveying.
Presently, according to the different characteristics of the conveying medium,the hose we produced can be divided into types of explosion-proof, high pressure resistance, high and low temperature resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, oil resistance,  hydrolysis resistance, UV and aging resistance etc. According to the varieties, our hoses can be divided into 6 categories: material conveying hose, high pressure hose, water suction hose, dust vacuum hose, ventilation hose, food and medical hose, a total of more than 120 varieties.
After more than ten years of development, UTIGOFLEX brand hoses have established a firm foothold in the global hose industry, and enjoyed great reputation among customers in Europe, America and the Middle East! Because we always adhere to the business tenet of "Quality is life", always produce each hose down-to-earth,and always maintain a highly responsible attitude towards the needs of our customers. We also sincerely solve every problem they encounter. Our company was passed by the ISO quality management system certification in May 2019.
Employees are the most important wealth of an enterprise. While pursuing the common development of customers,UTIGOFLEX pays more attention to progress together with our employees! We regard the growth of employees as a long-term project. After joining the company, UTIGOFLEX employee will receive a very complete set of job training and assessment to ensure that every employee can be skilled skills and responsible attitude to complete their job. Employees in any position here have enough appraisal and promotion opportunities.
As for the society, UTIGOFLEX, as a rubber&plastic production and processing enterprise, we know the important responsibility on our shoulders - adhere to the path of green and sustainable development, and will never add any burden to the socialist environmental protection course! In our production process, we adhere to the use of environmentally friendly and pollution-free high-quality rubber and plastic raw materials, and follow the environmental protection concept that the rubber and plastic waste generated by our company must not be discarded, and all can be recycled and reused by a third party.
Our development vision is to build UTIGOFLEX into a famous hose brand in the world through our unremitting hard working.
UTIGOFLEX—your flexible hose & ducting solutions supplier!

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